Sciensa transforms lives

The real value
of being at Sciensa

Freedom to be your own best version.
Being your best version means working from wherever we want, receiving the people’s respect and hospitality, with equality towards various social and geographical groups.

Genuine concern about people.
Giving and receiving genuine care and having time to celebrate little or big accomplishments are parts of what we are and of our day-to-day experience.

Our people

Tech | People in love with the technical part, with code, programming, systems, and tests. They aim at focusing on their career and gain great skillfulness and being really brilliant at what they do.

Design | Those people who like to face a "blank sheet" and give wings to imagination, creating spaces for people to interact, combining aesthetics, ease, and functionality.

Data | Our people are distributed over four specialties for activity, which are data development and analysis, artificial intelligence, and digital analytics, all of such extracting value over data.

Support | People in love with people, active in the financial and administrative areas, marketing and communication areas, and people and culture areas.

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